Primary 5 – Home Learning

These are suggested activities and can be done at parents’ discretion.

REMEMBER PARENTS – you can only do what you can do! Do not stress if you don’t do all or very much. There is no set amount to be done.

Home Learning Resources (2 weeks - 4th to 18th May)

PLEASE READ: Letter to Parents


1. Recount Writing – instructions as Howard Carter

2. Recount Writing – as Howard Carter

3. Persuasive writing instructions and lessons

4. First adverts

5. Adverts in detail

6. Look What I Found In An Advert

7. Possessive Apostrophes

8. The possessive apostrophe rule

9. Unhealthy food

10. Where would I find Persuasive Writing

11. Italian Holiday

Reading Activities for P5


1. Answers – parents’ eyes only

1. Beginning Decimals – instructions.     2. Introduction to decimals.     3. Decimal cards.      4. Decimal Sheet 63.     5. Decimals Textbook page 70.     6. Decimals Powerpoint 2 – larger decimals.     7. Decimal Tower cards 2.     8. Decimals sheet 64.     9. Decimals textbook 71.     10. Further Decimals.     .11. Worksheets 72 and 73       12. Decimal Quiz.     13. Decimals and money.     14. Decimals with money.     15. Shopping with Decimals.     16. Decimal Check Ups.     

X9 Check up.     X8 3D Shape Challenge.     X7 Faces Edges Vertices.     X6 3D Objects.     X5 Faces.     X4 Describing Game.     X3 Shape Sort.     X 2 3D Shape Powerpoint.      X 1 3D Shapes instructions.    

More Mental Maths Games.     Mental Maths Games for P5.     Mental Maths -Missing jigsaw numbers.     Maths facts P5


Ancient Egyptian numbers

Who wants to be a millionaire

The Artefacts Game – Egypt

Summer Project

Journey into the tomb QUIZ

Journey into the tomb powerpoint


Food Topic – worksheets

Food Topic – instructions

Egyptian Mummified Cats – an art task



Spellings Activities

P5 Spellings Oranges. P5 Spellings Peaches. P5 Spellings Apples. P5 Spellings Strawberries

Children can use their copybooks as normal to write out and learn spellings which were included in the Learning Packs from school.

Suggested Daily Routine

Maths Activities

Reading Activities

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Online Resources

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